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At MATALON Esquires PC, we do one thing and do it well.  We are business litigators.  

Joseph Lee Matalon has spent more than three decades winning cases for a loyal roster of clients, many household names.  


It is often said that litigation should be a last resort. We heartily agree.  We always strive to resolve our clients’ disputes in creative ways short of stepping into a courtroom, because legal proceedings can be expensive, extensive, exhausting. But sometimes that’s just not possible. Maybe you’ve been dragged into a lawsuit; or perhaps the other side is just unreasonable. When litigation is inevitable, you’ll want MATALON Esquires on your side. 


We are a boutique law firm, and as a result, our cases are not staffed with bloated teams of lawyers and paralegals running up your legal bills.  We focus on what’s important to achieve results, without breaking the bank.


Should we have the opportunity to work together, we’re confident you’ll be impressed.


- Joseph  Lee  Matalon

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